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Our mother planet earth is also greeted with an alternative name the Blue Planet, as it seems blue when watched from the space due to the presence of 3/4th part of water on it

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International Symposium                                                                                                                                     RECENT TRENDS IN AGRICULTURE,BIODIVERSITY AND SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY

Today the world is in the silver jubilee transit decade of 21st century which is inscribing the entire plot of our future socio-economic drama to decide the destiny and destination of the humanity. The information is getting incarnated into transformation with great pace. Philosophy, science, and arts are attaining innovative dimensions, fructifying novel paradigms for the well being of the society. However, the sustainability aspect in basic needs, natural resources, and the society in itself has become interrogative. Agriculture has been the most ancient practice inductive to human settlement, civilization and culture, but our over-reliance on a handful of high yielding varieties, intensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have not only created health hazards and ecological maladies but also a state of unsustainability over agriculture itself. Indiscriminate developmental activities and techno-economic mindset of the corporate sector have further aggravated the problem of loss of habitats, genetic erosion and environmental pollution by unlimited exploitation of natural resources. Although there are plenty of talks about environmental and economic sustainability, but the stake holding dimension of society and social sustainability is often ignored in mainstream discussions. It is therefore pertinent to have dialogues on agriculture and biodiversity in terms of social sustainability. The Blue Planet Society (BPS), Allahabad in association with the Botanical Survey of India (BSI), Central Regional Centre, Allahabad, DDU Govt. Post Graduate College Saidabad, Allahabad and International Academy of Science and Research (IASR), Kolkata, W.B. in Association with Confederation of Indian Universities (CIU), New Delhi have taken this initiative to provide an International forum to share the scholarly views thereon. All of you are humbly invited and welcome in this most versatile gathering of intellectuals for academic sharing and development.